The association's mission is to promote and stimulate the creation of highly competitive and professional companies in a context of globality and social responsibility, through the application of the incubation model recognized as successful nationally, with the vision of being a leader in Business Incubation. Technological Base of high quality and competitiveness at national and international level, require solutions to the markets that most demand it, expose with them a professional, honest and permanent long-term relationship.
CEM is committed to continuously improving its incubation, consulting and management processes in support of the community to promote and strengthen the creation of companies as a product of applied research and technological development in accordance with current regulations that meet the needs and expectations of its region and the public, private and social environment with which it is linked.
Its main objective is to ensure that the companies that are selected to be incubated reach the expected level of incubation for their successful entry into the market.
Being an Incubator, generating a social and economic environment of growth and opportunities for the inhabitants of society, promoting regional and national business development.

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